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WinRail 11.0 Features


New features and improvements with WinRail 11.0:

  • Now you can load more than one library at a time.
  • The drawing accuracy has been increased up to +/- 0.05 mm. This requires more calculations and may slow down the performance. Therefore you may choose the drawing accuracy under View-Properties-System.
  • WinRail now knows the gauge of the track section. This increases the accuracy used to calculate the length of the rails of flex sections (under Element-Properties on the Flex track page). Also the distance of the rails is shown correctly now when you activate the display of ties (sleepers).  Files that have been created using an older version of WinRail do not contain information about the gauge.  WinRail uses this information to calculate the length of the rails of flex sections and to display the rails in the correct distance when the display of ties is switched on. If you open such an older layout for the first time, this dialogue will appear automatically. If your layout should contain track of different gauges (for instance H0 and H0e), then we recommend that you enter the most common gauge first and later use this command to change the gauge of the other sections.
  • New Gradient tool to enter gradients without having to cut the line off the layout.
  • The 3D-View now supplements the orthogonal view by a perspective view: 

New WinRail 11.0 Orthogonal view

New WinRail 11.0 Perspective view

  • New Dialogue-window to edit existing benchworks.
  • In Module-Definition files you now may enter decimals to specify the position of track and catenary masts.
  • Layer-lists now remember the last position so that you don't have to scroll when you open them again.
  • The colour of ties (sleepers) may be assigned to Layers now.
  • The layer-lists now offer some new controls:
    • rename layer
    •  display all layers
    •  hide all layers
    •  and you can hide/display all layers where the name contains a certain text. This search optionally even supports regular expressions.
  • More than one layer may be active at the same time now to make it possible to place catenary in another layer as the track sections.
  • The frames now show openings for crossing track sections.
  • Under View-Toolbars-Customize you will find a new page "Zoom-Commands". There you may assign different Zoom-values to them. Then change to the page "Commands", from where you can drag them into any of the toolbars, so that you can choose these values with a single mouse click.
  • Also you'll find a new category "Display/hide layer" that offers a command for each layer. Drag these commands into one of the toolbars if you want to be able to hide or display this layer with a single mouse click.
  • It is possible to edit Helices that are created using flex track. Just tag the helix and open Element-Properties. A button on the page Flex track will open the dialogue box.
  • The context menu of the tool Move description offers a command to rotate art.-nos. and descriptions.
  • The context menu of the Arrow-tool offers a command to rotate text fields.
  • New command to count insulations and insulated sections in the Special-menu.
  • Insulations may be highlighted by a different colour.
  • Under View-Options you may activate additional symbols for the insulations of three-rail track.
  • Prices you have entered for your stock are kept when the library gets updated.
  • The context menu of the tool Terrain offers a command to create height lines:

WinRail 11.0 height lines feature

  • The vertices of frames are now also written to a text file.
  •  The Loosen track tool removes all connections of the line if you press the <Ctrl>-key.
  •  The 3D-editor (to be found in WinRail's Start-menu) makes it very easy to create tunnel portals individually. These portals are docked and aligned automatically when you place them close to a track section.
  •  Last but not least: WinRail now uses Unicode, as Windows does. However, you will notice this change only if you should use exotic characters.



Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered by email from Gunnar Blumert.

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