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WinRail Parts Compiler - Enhanced techniques


Sometimes you'll not find a pre-defined command for the piece of track you'd like to draw.  This tends to occur particularly with more complex true-scale parts such as turnouts.  In these cases you have to assemble the track from single elements.

Generally, a piece of track consists of

  • track sections

  • connection points, that make it possible to connect to other tracks

  • and, optionally, graphical elements like lines, etc


A simple example: a bumper

This bumper is in two ways different to a usual straight track section: only the left end can be connected to other tracks, and on the right end you see some lines that symbolize the bumper.

Track "Fl-6116" "bumper" 30 ; "Scratch-built" tracks are defined using the keyword Track

StraightTrack 0 0 100 0 1 ; draw a straight track line from point 0/0 to point 100/0, i.e. 100 mm long.

ConnectionPoint 0 0 180 ; At point 0/0 (the very left) you can connect another track, with an angle of 180°, i.e. to the left.

Line 100 -15 70 15 ; This is the definition of the lines on the right.

Line 100 15 70 -15

Line 70 15 70 -15


A wye:

This turnout consists of two curved sections and three connection points.

Track "Pe-SL-97" "24° Wye" 30

CurvedTrack 0 0 711.84 12 0 ; This is the left curve, radius 711.84mm, 12°.

CurvedTrack 148 -15.555 711.84 12 168 ; Curves are always drawn counter-clockwise.  Therefore, the origin of this section has to be the lower right (148/-15.555).  Also, it has to be rotated by 168° (180-12); otherwise it would lead into the same direction as the other curve does.

Connectionpoint 0 0 180 ; left

Connectionpoint 148 15.555 12 ; upper right, 12°

Connectionpoint 148 -15.555 348 ; lower right, 348° (360-12)


A difficult turnout:

Here a straight section is attached to the curved section of the turnout.  The techniques shown here enable you to create even the strangest constructions.  Also, you see how the pre-defined track section can be extended.  Here a simple straight track is going to be enhanced to become a turnout.  The measurements here are given in tenths of an inch.

Straight "At-284" "Customline #6 Switch right" 120 11.3 ; Just a simple straight track, 12" long and 1.13" wide.

Curved track 79.99 -6.647 484.65 9.5 170.5 0 ; Curve starting at lower right, radius 48.465", angle 9.5°. The curve has to be rotated by 170.5° (180-9.5).

; The terminating 0 prevents any divider lines from being drawn.

StraightTrack 79.99 -6.647 99.91 -9.98 2 ; And now the straight section that is attached to the curve.

; The terminating 2 draws a divider line only at the end of the straight section.

ConnectionPoint 99.91 -9.98 350.5



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