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What is the Parts Compiler?


The Parts Compiler (included as part of WinRail DeLuxe, with a "light" version in WinRail Standard) is a program used for the development of the libraries.  You just have to create an ASCII-text file, containing detailed descriptions of each of the track or structure elements.  The compiler then creates a binary file that can be loaded into WinRail.

WinRail Standard includes a limited version of the Parts Compiler that can be used for defining structures, but not track elements.  WinRail DeLuxe includes all the source definitions for the libraries supplied with WinRail - these are a valuable source of ideas and techniques if you choose to define your own libraries.

Some examples:


This straight track is created by the following lines:

Straight "Fl-6101" "1/1" 200 30 ; Fleischmann 6101, length 200mm, width 30mm (incl. roadbed)

Price 2.25



Curves are just as simple:

Curve "Fl-6125" "R2 - 36°" 420 36 30 ; Radius 420 mm, 36°, 30mm wide

Price 2.90



Even turnouts are very simple, as long as the curved section is a simple curve without straight section attached:

Turnout_Left "Fl-6172" "elec. turnout left" 30 ; width 30mm

Straight 200 ; The straight section is 200 mm long

Curve 647 18 0 ; The curved section (18°) has a radius of 647mm and starts at the left-hand boundary of the straight section.

Price 34.20




DoubleSlip_Left "Fl-6166" "Elec. double slip left" 30 18 200 210 647 ; width 30 mm, angle 18°,

; Length of straight track 200 mm,
; Length of crossing track 210 mm, radius 647 mm

Price 53.50



The definition of structures works by defining geometrical shapes and coordinates:


Structure "Fa-342" "Edeka-Markt ""Friedrichsen"""

Price 46.00
Polygon ; As you can see, there are some more commands available that not only save work,

59 0       ; but also speed up the drawing.
162 0     ; Here, for example, the Polygon command was used to draw the surrounding of the building.
221 102 ; Internally within WinRail, it is translated into only one call to the Windows API.
162 204
59 204
0 102

Line 59 0 162 205 ; bottom left to upper right
Line 162 0 59 204
; bottom right to upper left
Line 0 102 221 102
; and the middle line.